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Thank you so much for your heart-healing book.  Thank you for taking the time to be interested and so invested in my personal healing from such a traumatic heartbreak.

The heartbreak I suffered was unlike any other. It started off as such a romantic journey covering several continents and I ended up marrying someone who was sick. The woman I married changed so completely after I married her that she did not seem to be the same person I fell in love with.

She tortured me emotionally, psychologically and even physically every day of the time I was married to her and then ran off to some island to be with another man.  I felt betrayed, lost, confused.  I was victimized by a person who manipulated my love for her. 

Georgia, you started off with your book, which helped me get in touch with all the emotional feeling.  You spent time asking me to name what hurt, and what the thought was that lead to the feeling.  Georgia, you took me to the lakefront at sunrise and we wrote all the hurt down on paper along with old pictures and then burned them, tossing the ashes into the big lake of water.  This deep, deep psychological cleansing released a lot of the hurt and pain and suffering.

Then Georgia, you mentored me, you took a look at the way I was living.  I was frozen in time and had not cleaned most things in my apartment from the day she left. Georgia, you helped me understand how to clean and organize and how to release the trapped energy in my living space which is directly related to my relationship with myself and others.

Georgia, you gave me affirmations and helped me get out of a bad, debilitating depression caused by the break-up.  Thank you Georgia, because now my apartment is clean and organized and my relationship with others is getting so good and clean too.  I'm beginning to have a relationship with myself that is strong; I am becoming unafraid to love again.  I know I now have a strong sense of self.  You took your time Georgia, and your mentoring was the greatest.

You understand order, you understand how the universe works and you know how to give that gift to others.  You know how to make people strong enough to seek out strong relationships with others and be unafraid to love completely.  I now know if things don't work out for one reason or another, I don't have to spend years and years living in the pain of the past. I can live and love again.

Thank you, Georgia Roulo. Thank you!

Thomas R. McNamara

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