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Dear Georgia,

I was in so much pain I thought it would take many years before my heart could heal – before I could fully cope with the passing of my wife.

I was struggling with loss on every level: the empty house, memories, pictures, and my best friend.  I had a difficult time spending time with my daughters and family knowing my wife wasn’t there.

In the beginning, when we first started working together, it was difficult for me to talk about the loss of Jan and all of the feelings that automatically flooded my mind with thoughts of her.  With each mentoring session we had — I would talk and explore more issues with you.  The more we talked, even though it was hard, the next day I would feel better. 

Our sessions together took more and more of the pain out of me.  The changes you suggested I make in my life and home really helped me in healing.  Painting and switching bedrooms made everything feel different.  Shopping for new art, moving the office from downstairs to upstairs, making changes outside of the house — all of these things were improvements I couldn’t or wouldn’t have made without your suggestions.

After our third session I felt like everything was beginning to loosen up and it was becoming easier for me to talk about the past and the good things Jan and I did together.  But I still had a hard time with the grandchildren because they were her biggest dream and I still held that vision for her.

You helped me view my relationship with the grandchildren in a fuller way.  Instead of feeling sad because Jan was gone and she couldn’t be with them, you showed me how to build memories with the children, how to become the best grandfather.  Now, when I’m with the children I no longer feel sad and emotional because Jan isn’t there.  Instead of viewing myself as ½ of the grandparents you showed me how I was the whole grandparent.

You helped me change my concepts and perceptions of myself in terms of being a widower vs. being a single man.  I learned part of being single is being single.  It is being responsible for your own happiness.

Our communication was the best thing about working together.   Your mentoring made me think about the things I needed to understand and do.

It’s almost like you tricked me into healing myself.  I began to look at my life differently and make progress on my own.  Because of your mentoring, I was able to go from feeling stuck and debilitated by the pain of loss to feeling like I am able to go forward and create a good life.   Now, I can enjoy my daughters, the grandchildren, and family in all ways without sadness filling my heart.

Our work opened my eyes to the possibilities of developing other relationships.  I became open to exploring and expressing what my own dreams and hopes might be.  Thanks to you helping me through these stages of growth, I was able to begin opening up, and learned how to express my feelings.  This made it easier for me to communicate on new levels without fear.

I made changes in the house, made it my house – not our former house.  I began to think about myself.  With your help I released feelings of loneliness and aloneness.  I investigated new activities.  You took my photograph and helped me write an honest and straightforward profile for a dating service as my self-confidence improved.

In summary – through our work together I was able to accept my loss, stop the pain, achieve clarity in my goals and feel my self-confidence return.  I now know that I deserve to move on and go forward with new goals.  I know I can and deserve to create the best life – for the rest of my life.

Thank you for saving me from suffering through more months of heartache.  Your mentoring helped me express my fears and feelings, and showed me how to lift myself out of the grief and take a new look at all of the possibilities that are open to me.

Finally, although I will always miss Jan, I am at peace with her passing.  And I now know how to create a new life for myself.   I retired a few months ago, sold my house and am moving to Texas.  This isn’t going to be easy to move away from my daughters and my grandchildren but, my daughters have given me their full support in my move.  They are encouraging me to follow my dream to retire and be able to live in a warm climate.

Now that I am blessed with good health, I look forward to boating, fishing, golfing, and having fun.  I look forward to making new friends and one day I hope to have a partner to share the best of the rest of my life.

Bob Frith
Oak Lawn, IL

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